About Create the Map

Each step of life’s journey, you’re faced with countless decisions and opportunities. Do you go with the flow and follow the path of least resistance? Or do you set off on your own course? Do you play it safe? Or do you take risks?

The Vision for Create the Map

Create the Map is about being proactive. Taking action. Being intentional about leading a life of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. It is no easy way of living, but for many it is the only way to live a life of authenticity where you are true to yourself.

Create the Map is about you and for you. It’s about your dreams, your passions, your values, your sense of what matters. It’s about defining your own idea of success, your own goals, and staying dedicated to making it happen. Maybe you want to be a Bigfoot researcher. Or maybe a community activist. Or a marketing guru. Or a filmmaker. Or a photographer. Or an engineer. Or a designer.  Or a writer.

Create the Map tells the stories of people who are creating their own maps in big and small ways. My vision is to use Create the Map to celebrate all who are out actively working to translate ideas into reality.  It will include people you may know and people you may not.  It will explore questions like:

  • Where do ideas come from?
  • How do you get unstuck?
  • How do you keep moving forward when you really don’t feel like it?
  • Where do you look for inspiration?
  • How do you deal with the loneliness of the road?
  • How do you stick with an idea from concept to completion?
  • Where do you find meaning?

Create the Map is about thinking, dreaming, and doing. It’s for the pioneer, the artist, the innovator, the creator, and the entrepreneur within you just waiting to come out.  It’s about helping you to get over that hump.  It’s about filling up your bucket.  It’s about momentum and staying in motion.  It’s about living up to your potential, firing on all cylinders, and finding flow.

Create the Map is about overcoming fear and perfectionism. Overcoming what holds you back.  Overcoming the voice inside that keeps you from taking risks.  That keeps you from starting a conversation with someone.  That keeps you from expressing your true, authentic self. Overcoming the blocks in your life that keep you from living up to the potential you feel inside.

What You Can Expect from Create the Map

Create the Map is here to help inspire and encourage you onward by providing regular content, including:

Interviews with people creating their own maps. Once a week, I will post a new interview I’ve conducted with someone out on the road creating their own map.  This will include a diverse mix of people who fit one or more of the following labels: Pioneers. Revolutionaries. Unsung Heroes. Artists. Thinkers. Doers. Dreamers. Self-actualizers. Map Makers. Visionaries. Entrepreneurs. Linchpins. Creators. Rock Stars. Leaders. Trailblazers. ENFPs. Mavericks. Renegades.  While I anticipate most of these interviews to be conducted by video, some may also be audio and/or written interviews.

Articles for people creating their own maps. Once a week, I will share ideas from my own journey, reading, exploration, life experiences, and efforts to lead a life of meaning and purpose.

Why I Launched Create the Map

Starting something like this has been on my mind for a long time.  I’ve never been one to shy away from taking risks, but the idea of launching a website and blog devoted to sharing stories and ideas seemed too overwhelming for the perfectionist in me.  What topic would I write about?  What would my niche be?  How would I help people?  All of these questions plagued me for months, even years.  I wanted to have everything figured out – each step of the journey – before I even hit the road.  Through conversations with friends, reading several books, and looking inward, I’ve realized that it’s just a matter of starting, creating momentum, and having faith that answers and clarity are revealed not from thinking ideas to death but from taking action.

I’m on a journey to continue creating my own map and seek more meaning, and I decided the best way to do so is to learn from others who have created their own maps. I feel a great sense of purpose through the act of creating, helping and inspiring others to unleash their creativity, and telling people’s stories through filmmaking, photography, writing, and web design. I started this website to accomplish all three – to create, to help and inspire others to be creative, and to tell people’s stories.

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