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Are You Investing in Yourself?

by Jay Delaney

I’m all for living below your means to save money and keep your options open. I’m also all for eliminating debt. But in the push to be smart with your money, it’s easy to ignore the importance of investing in yourself.

As you work to bring your ideas to life, are you investing enough in yourself? Are you spending time and money to cultivate your own personal knowledge base, your spiritual growth, and your mental and physical wellbeing?

I’m a firm believer that no other asset will pay better dividends. Not real estate. Not the stock market. Nothing. YOU are your own greatest investment opportunity.

What if each month you took 5-10% of your net earnings and either invested it into your own personal growth or set it aside in a savings account for opportunities that arise to invest in yourself? Or what if you set aside 30 minutes each day for your own personal growth?

Ideas for investing in yourself:

  • Your network: Join a networking group and/or take someone out to lunch
  • Your knowledge base: Take a workshop on some interest or hobby, attend a conference or seminar, read a book that expands your thinking
  • Your family and friends: Make them a priority with your time
  • Your health: Join your local gym and develop a routine to work out consistently, start biking more, go out for a long walk, eat healthier
  • Your spirituality: Spend time meditating, read a book from your own religion or another one, or take time to be active in a religious institution

About the Picture Above

This is my piggy bank at home. Erin bought it for me here in Chicago in Chinatown. I put all of my spare change in it, and just last week I cashed it in for $50.

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Kelley Long October 4, 2011 at 10:14 am

Well said, Jay!

I’m an especially big proponent of investing in one’s health. Keeping your blood pressure, cholesterol and weight under control helps eliminate the need for expensive healthcare down the road, which also negates the need for as large of a nest egg.

I see too many people killing themselves in their prime years in the name of building a huge emergency fund in case they get sick. Which they’re kind of guaranteeing by working long hours, stressing constantly and overeating and overindulging.

Financial security = choices, and remaining healthy is a big part of that. I’m sure the rich guy in the wheelchair with the oxygen tank would much rather be able to take a walk on a sunny day pain-free than be able to afford a 24-hour nurse.

Thanks for your wisdom, as always!


Amy Nilsen October 6, 2011 at 8:10 pm

Thanks Jay! I really liked this post because it snapped me out of a temporary self-growth coma I’ve been in!


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